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Personal blog of Steam Galas & Mainline Steam running from around the North of England. Pictures copyright of Author!!

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2007


17/03/2007 - 6201 passes the footbridge at Woodacre, east of Garstang on the "Lakes Express"
17/03/2007 - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" works south down the WCML at Fowler lane, Farington with a support coach.
08/04/2007 - 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" rushes towards Preston at Flag Lane, Farington on a leg of "The Great Britain" rail tour
09/06/2007 - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth"seen heading across Whalley viaduct from Whalley Nab with a northbound run of the Cumbria Mountain Express"
10/06/2007 - 8F - 48151 on Ribblehead viaduct with a running of "The Dalesman" from Hellifield to Carlisle
28/07/2008 - 60009 "Union of South Africa" climbing Whalley Banks at Langho station with a returning Cumbria Mountain Express.
20/10/2007 - 76079 pilots 45407 ending south past Leyland trucks at Fowler lane along the WCML on the Derbyshire Dalesman from Blackpool.
03/11/2007 - 45407 & 76079 race up Copy Pit with the "Cotton Mills Express"
16/12/2007 - Black 5 - 45407 pilots Br Std 4 76079 with a York Yuletide special from Liverpool to York captured with about to enter Horsefall Tunnel - east of Todmorden

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Barrow Hill LNER Steam Gala - 2007


Sunday 11/11/07 and its my first visit to Barrow Hill and its a LNER themed steam gala. A cold drizzly day was brightened up with the display of engines in steam and also on static display out side the Roundhouse. Engines in steam include 4771 Green Arrow, 2-B1`s - 1306 Mayflower & 61274, K4 61994 “The Great Marquess”, K1- 62005 "Lord of the Isles", J15 - 65462 & peckett 0-6-0 Tank. On static display were A2 60532 Blue Peter, 45593 Kolhapur 506 “Butler Henderson” & 1F Tank 41708.
Good day out !

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ELR Autumn Steam Gala - 2007


Sunday 28/10/07 and its a rainy start when I arrived at Burrs country park to photograph the action and as the forecast had predicated the weather started to improve towards midday and the sun started to shine. By this time though I had decided to catch the train from Ramsbottom to Bury to catch some action there.
Engines running GWR 2-8-0 3802, LNER 4771 Green Arrow, 4936 Kinlet Hall, BR Std 4 76079, Jubilee 5690 Leander & Jinty 47324

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K&WV Railway Autumn Steam Gala - 2007


13/10/2007 - A dull and damp Saturday and I`m off to the K&WVR Autumn Steam Gala.
This years guest engine is GWR Goods 2-8-0 No.3802 from the Llangollen Railway. Also in steam for its first gala here is WD 8f - 90733 newly restored and looking great. Also running were the usual engines - 41241, 80002, 47324, L&Y 957 and Taff Valley No.85.
Another good and well organised event.

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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway - Harvest of Steam Weekend 2007


07/10/2007- Cancelled in all but name due to lack of steam engines. Only two engines in steam on Sunday, NCB 140 & N.C.B. Monckton No.1 plus a class 107 DMU running - but operating a very extensive timetable. A vintage car show at Bolton Abbey Station didnt really make up for the lack of engines and no sign either of the sentinal "Ann" which was also mensioned on their website.
Disappointing for a steam gala

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NYMR Autumn Steam Gala -2007


30/09/2007 - Saturday and its day two of the NYMR Autumn gala and an extensive timetable of engines running today that included - 60007"Sir Nigel Gresley," 49395, 53809, 63395, 30926 "Repton," 61994 The Great Marquess," 61264, 45212, 80135, 6619 & 75029 running on the Battersby / Whitby line.
A cloudy start to the day, finally finished in sunshine and a good day out for me .
Well done N Y M Railway

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Middleton Railway Autumn Steam Gala - 2007


23/09/2007 - Another first for me - A visit to the Middleton Railway in Leeds and a Autumn steam gala in progress.
With four engines in steam, they run on a line over half a mile in length with steep inclines up to 1 in 27 through a once industrial area which has been landscaped in recent years. Enjoyable dayout with friendly staff plus a museum to look around and again, well worth the visit.
4 Engines running -all 0-6-0`s - "MSC No67," "Matthew Murray","Sir Berkeley"and "Brookes No.1"

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Ecclesbourne Valley Railway


19/09/2007 - Travelling north on my way home from Stafford University I made a slight de-tour and stopped at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at Wirksworth to see what progress had been made and what was going on. I was made extremely welcome by the station staff who proceeded to tell me all about the railway and its history. I can see this being a very popular attraction in the near future when the line has been extended more and facilities are in place- Well Impressed with progress made !! and an hour well spent.
UPDATED - 07/01/08 - Called in again on my wayback and fitted in a trip upto Ravenstor Station- Phew what a climb !

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Amerton Railway (2007)


I found this 2 foot gauge railway quite by accident driving back north through the countryside from Stafford University on the A518 Stafford - Uttoxeter road and it is situated at the very popular Amerton Craft shop and Working Farm.
The railway has about one mile of track running in a circle and is operated by the Staffordshire Narrow Gauge Railway Ltd
The steam engine running on the day was 0-4-0 "Isabel"
Unfortunately I hadn`t time for a ride but I will be doing the journey quite often over the next year or so - so as Arny said "I`ll be back"

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Llangollen Autumn Steam Gala - 2007


15/09-2007 - Saturday - With seven engines in steam and a busy timetable, it had alot to live up to this year after being my favorite gala of 2006.
I went for the Auto coach train instead of the freight train this time and didnt regret it.
Engines running were newly restored Black 5 44806 - 7822 Foxcote Manor- 2 GWR Tanks 5643 & 5199, GWR goods 3802, BR STD Tank 80136 & Pannier Tank 6430 on the Auto train. Well - I rate this Gala in 2nd place so far this year after "Steel Steam and Stars" - A Double for Llangollen- Excellent

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ELR - LMS Weekend - 2007


09/09/2007 - Sunday and its turned cloudy by the time I arrived at Burrs country park to what turned out to be a very low key event. This was due to locomotives on mainline runnings and mechanical breakdowns in the previous weeks .
The only LMS engines running were Jubillee class 5690 - Leander and Jinty 47324 backed up with BR STD class 4 76079 which did run on LMS metals.

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Midland railway Center- Gala Weekend -2007


Sunday 26/08/07 and another pleasent day. Arriving at Butterley about lunchtime, I caught the first train on the round trip arriving finally at Swanwick Junction were all the Engine sheds and locos are stored. Three Engines in steam - SD 2-8-0 53809, Std class 5 73129 & Jinty 47327 in part TtT disguise. Enough diesals and shunters on display also to fill a notebook!
Pictures also of the Golden Valley Light Railway including cavalcade- Excelent day out !!

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West Lancashire Light Railway - Gala & 40th Anniversary 2007


Saturday 11th August 2007 and its a pleasent day and 4 engines in steam plus industrial diesals and a couple of traction engines in steam as well.
An extenive timetable meant lots of trips running up and down the short line with intermitant freight pulled by the Industrial Diesals and a relaxed , informal attitude and friendly staff made for a interesting gala - Well Done WLLR!

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ELR 20th Anniversary Event - 2007


Wednesday 25/ 07/ 07 and its 20 years since the first train on the reopened ELR ... and its raining!!
MSC 70 & NCB No 140 have been chosen to re-enact the first train that ran twenty years earlier leaving Bury station at 11.05 for Ramsbottom.
Sunday was a sunny day and Engines running were 5690 Leander, 3440 City of Trueo and NCB No 140 with diesals 40145 & D5054 (both newly named for the event.)

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Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway Steam Gala - 2007


Saturday 7/07/07 and I`m off to stop for a weeks holiday in the lakes so only a few pictures. 5643 has returned from the ELR, Furness No20 and Fairburn 42073 & a newly part painted T t Tank was running.
A cancelled early freight train and a normal timetable for the boats from Bowness kept it to a low key gala in my opinion. It would have been nice to see both Fairburns running but all engines were turned out nicely. Nice day but could do alot better !

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ELR Summer Steam Gala - 2007


23/06/2007 - A cloudy Saturday and its the ELR Summer steam gala, and as is not uncommon, there are the usual setbacks to this gala. The failure of 30587 which was in light steam only at Bury meant cancelled freight trains as other locos took its place. Some nice engines where put together but with half the locomotives facing in the opposite direction to normal running, this made good photographic opportunities fairly hard to come by.
Trains running - 3440, 5643, 45407, 5690, 76079 & 47324.
Still well worth the visit!

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G & W Railway - Cotswold Festival of Steam - 2007


Saturday 2nd June 2007 at the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway - Cotswold Festival of Steam.
Another lovely summer day with the sun shining all the time and giving me a suntan. Engines running included 9f - 92202 Black Prince, 4771 Green Arrow, 34007 Wadebridge, S&D 2-8-0 No 88, 7903 Foremarke Hall, 5542 2-6-2 GWR Pannier tank with Autotrailer and Saddle Tank 813

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ELR War Weekend - 2007


27/05/2007 - The first time I`ve been to a wartime themed event on a railway and a really enjoyable experiance it was with lots of action going on at all the stations and lots of little cameo performances from everyone who dressed up to play their part.
Engines running include
newly arrived GWR - 4-4-0 3440 -"City of Truro",
LMS 4-6-2 Princess class - 6201- Princess Elizabeth,
LMS Jubilee class 4-6-0 - 5690 - "Leander"
& LMS goods -0-6-0 Jinty 47324
Not really a day for photographing Steam engines but soaking up the atmosphere and joining in

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NYMR - LNER Steam Gala - 2007


05/05/2007 = Pictures from a dull start to a Saturday at the LNER festival .
Trains running include 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, K1 62005, Black 5 45212, Std Tank 80135, N7 tank 69621, Lampton Tank No29 and Deltic D9009 and D6700. The sun finally broke through late afternoon and a very enjoyable festival it was! Being my 2nd visit here I decided this time to explore the line for photograph opertunities

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ELR - Doubleheading Weekend - 2007


01/04/07 - It was supposed to be double heading weekend but with the failure of the jinty, only one of the two train sets running was Double Headed, but what a cracker. See 45231 & Leander double headed and also 4f -44422 all in glorious sunshine

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