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"Procession over Shap" 30/05/2015


Saturday 30/05/2015 .... and two steam trains timed within 10 minutes of each over going over Shap in the same direction on various steam tours.. I had to be there!
First tour was LMS Jubilee 45699 "Galatea" on "The Cumbrian Coast Express" from London with steam from Carnforth-Shap-Sellafield-Carnforth by-passing Carlisle.
Second tour was BR Pacific 70000 "Britannia" on "The Cumbrian Fells Express" from Bristol, with steam from Crewe-Shap-Appleby-Hellifield-Crewe.
First stop off of the day was at Fowler Lane opposite Leyland Motors to catch the north Bound Cumbrian Fells express with 70000 in charge. A very interesting 30 minutes wait caught a double class 66 on the Tesco Model going north, 950001 test train going south and class 90 -90019 in charge of the stock for the Cumbrian Coast Express, Before 70000 "Britannia came racing through.
A drive up the M6 as far as Tebay and then onto Scout Green to catch the steamers heading north. Another 30 minute wait here for 45699 which was running 11 minutes late. The timetables showed a 10 minute gap between the two services and as 45699 disappeared in the north direction, 70000 appeared in the other direction under the direction of double yellow signals, spoiling any attempt at a speed record on the race to Shap Summit.
70000 worked hard passing into the distance to be followed by a convoy of 4 x class 66`s
The next location was at Armthwaite on the S & C to catch Britannia now running 20 minutes late before a scheduled stop at Appleby. A great location occupied by the "ELR Gricers fan club" - they could have had a coach trip for the quantity of them!
Onward then to Ais Gill and another 45 minutes wait to catch 70000 running on time. I was hoping to catch it leaving Hellfield later, but too much slow traffic meant I could not make it in time and finished off going home after a good day out in the northern fells.

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ELR 1940`s Weekend - 2015


Saturday 23/05/2015 - The first day of three and a trip along the line from Rawtenstall to Bury and back in the afternoon to soak up some of the 1940`s atmosphere along the line.
Three engines in steam pulling train along the line -
Hughes Fowler 2-6-0 LMS Crab 13065
BR Class 4MT standard Steam Locomotive 2-6-4T - 80080
L & Y Aspinal 0-6-0 - No 12322
plus 0-4-0 Peckett "May" running around Bolton street station.
This was another work day for me taking a client along for a ride. - he loves trains and his day out.
Catching the 14.00 from Rawtenstall to Bury after listening to the Umpha band and talking with the troops, we travelled in the parcels van talking with some ladies from Blackpool and Southport with vintage prams. We listened to the entertainment at Bury for an hour or so before catching the train back with the intention of getting off at Ramsbottom, but we ran out of time with so much to see and do.
Excellent as always

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ELR - Small Engines Weekend - 2015


19/04/2015 - Sunday, and a afternoon trip along the line from Ramsbottom to Heywood, stopping off at Bury on the return before proceeding onto Ramsbottom after a 30 minute stop over.
A mixed traffic weekend giving the smaller engines of the ELR fleet and guest engines a chance to get a run out..... and for some, all the way to Rawtenstall.
Guest engines running were 0-6-0 "Bellerophon" built in 1879 from the Foxfield railway
and Diesel 73001 (E6001) , from the Dean Forest railway.
Diesels also running - class 14 Diesels D9531 & D9537
Class 03 shunter D2072
Class 08 shunter 08164
Class 09 shunter 09024
plus Motorail Simplex 4wDM No9009.
Other steam engines included 0-6-0 Austerity tank engines - Hunslet 3153 (WD132) "Sapper"
Hunslet 2857 (WD 75008) Swiftsure"
Aspinal L & Y 0-6-0 12322.
Just an afternoon run along the line, but I didnt manage to see everything running due to the great variety on show but I did enjoy the trip immensely.

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Ribble Steam Railway - Spring Steam Gala - 2015


21/03/2015 - Saturday and a lovely sunny afternoon for a couple of rides along this short stretch of line next to the old Preston Docks and a look around the museum, taking a client from work..
Four locomotives for the gala
- Andrew Barclay 1147/1908 'John Howe'
- Andrew Barclay 2261/1949 'No. 6
- Bagnall 2680/1942 'Courageous'
- GWR 0-6-2T - 5643.
No. 6 had already done its trips in the morning and was only able to see the other 3 in the brief stay.
Always a good afternoon out and also very friendly volunteers as well.

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Steel, Steam & Stars IV - Llangollen - 2015


07/03/2015 - Saturday and day 2 of the event spread over two weekends (including Fridays) and a lovely spring sunny day.
Engines running today featured all the guest engines - 9F 2-10-0 - 92214 "Central Star," LMS Black 5 - 45231 "Sherwood Forester," Bullied Pacific - 34092 "Wells" GWR Collett 0-6-0 2251 class - No. 3250, GWR 0-4-2 Tank engine 1450 sandwiched on the Autotrain, GWR 2-8-0 Tank - 4270 plus GWR 2-8-0 - Goods Tender engine - 3802.
Great day out
14/03/2015 - 2nd Saturday of the event and back again , this time for a ride on the trains and also to sample some real ale in pint glasses. A cold, cloudy day and I was glad to ride the trains today.
LMS Black 5 - 45231 had failed the previous Sunday with cylinder problems and was replaced by GWR Tank engine - 5199 for the rest of the gala.
I traveled on the 3 sub set pulled by GWR 3250 down the line all the way to Corwen and had a look around the exhibition tent, before catching a double header (3802 piloting 4270) back to Llangollen.
A call in at the beer festival now followed for a pint and then a look to the sheds to see the progress on "Betton Grange" and "The Unknown Warrior." The plan was to have another run along the line, but the Autotrain (1450) next was packed to standing room only. The next train was a freight (3802 piloting 92214) and I decided it was too cold to travel that way. The train after that, (5199) was terminated at Llangollen and the empty coaches set back to the sidings. This meant the next train down the line was at 16.25 to Carrog - A little late for me as it would have been very late arriving home. 34092 "Wells" seemed to elude me, catching a glance of it passing in the loops.
So off I trotted home, with just one circuit of the line, disappointed with the time tabling at Llangollen in the afternoon, although i enjoyed the day out.

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K&WV Railway Winter Steam Gala - 2015


28/02/2015 - Saturday - a very dull cold day with showers, plus also having to work meant bring a client who loves trains for a trip along the line for in the afternoon.
Arriving in time for the 14.05 service from Oxenhope, we traveled behind 34092 & 43924 (which came off at Haworth goods loop) to Keighley for a stop over for an hour before connecting with the 16.10 service back to Oxenhope with 75078 in charge.
No guest engine this gala, but new restored BR Std 5 - 75078 was running its first gala together with 34092 "Wells," Fowler goods 0-6-0 - 43924, WD 90733, USA "Big Jim"- 5828, Taff Valley Coal Tank - 1054 and "Nunlow" with "Sir Berkley" in steam at Ingrow West.
An enjoyable afternoon travelling with David - who loves his trip and the steam trains! and another good gala despite the weather.
Only one request - Could do with some seating in the guards/luggage carriage for support workers with wheel chair clients !

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ELR February Steam Weekend 2015


21/02/2015 - Saturday and the usual February steam weekend with most of their steam fleet and guest engines running. Just a couple of hours in the afternoon this time, starting off and finishing at Ewood Bridge on the way there and going back home. Ramsbottom caused problems for parking so I carried onto Summerseat for the afternoon and also a change from Burrs.
Engines running - Guest Engine again - BR Std caprotti 5 - 73129
plus the usual suspects of Ian Rileys`s Black 5`s - 45407 & 44871 (both facing south),
LMS 2-6-0 Crab - 13065
L&Y "A" Class 12322
BR Std Tank - 80080
plus LNER K4 - 61994 "The Great Marquess" but unseen by me today.
Typically, my timings were bad as the trains caught at the start all seemed to run tender first and others missed whilst moving locations.
A pleasant afternoon when the sun came out, between the odd hail shower and also meeting old friends.

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GCR - "Villians & Superheroes"


18/02/2015 - A sunny Wednesday and Half term for local schools and an event by the GCR over three midweek days. Two engines in steam today - 0-6-0 LMS Jinty 47406 on the "Frozen Express" and 2-10-0 9F "Central Star" on the Superheroes train plus a Railbus.
I went first to Woodthorpe to catch the first service from Loughborough at 10:15 which came passed fulled loaded.
I gathered the family and we travelled on the 11.15 "Superheroes" train as far as Rothley to a small funfair for the children and had lunch.
Various train services then followed, all along the line, meeting the superheros / frozen charactors on the trains.
Most of the little girls seemed to be dressed as either Princess Anna or Queen Elsa, Boys as Batman or Spiderman or Buzz Lightyear as my grandson was.
It was that busy, I think a railbus service was added to help move people around.
A very nice day out with family and grand children, the highlight being - getting Princess Anna to sit on my knee! and a real money earner for the GCR

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ELR Winter Steam Gala - 2015


17/01/2015 - Saturday - A day of hail showers with the occasional bit of thunder and lightning thrown in gave the effect of a light covering of snow in places on the ground. The steam gala ran to time and I started off at Burrs to capture the start of the gala. Later in the morning I drove to the River Roch viaduct to catch the double headed black 5`s. A planned trip to Ramsbottom failed due to snow blocked roads and I diverted to Rawtenstall before returning to Ramsbottom via Stubbins later for some lunch and more action. I then returned home via Ewood bridge for more pictures.
18/01/2015 - Sunday - Another day of everything with the weather, starting today with fog, then snow and later a little sunshine.
I started at Ewood Bridge as the std tank was about to pass this location, before traveling onto Burrs and various locations in this vicinity returning home mid afternoon.
Engines running - Guest engine GWR 56xx coal tank - 5643, LNER K4 61994 "The Great Marquess" plus BR Std Tank - 80080, L & Y 0-6-0 12322, LMS Hughes Fowler Crab 13065 plus Black 5`s 45407 & 44871 and also running around Bury station but not featured - 0-4-0 Peckett " May "
Despite the bad weather both days, the trains ran to timetable and I was wrapped up well for a couple of good days out. !!

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GCR - Autumn Steam Gala - 2014


04/10/2014 - Saturday at the GCR Autumn Steam gala and a few hours to kill on a rainy Saturday morning and early afternoon.
Guest engines for the gala were D49 "Morayshire" now lined in BR Black with number 62712 and BR Standard 4 76084. The usual suspects made up the rest of the engines running - 9f 92214, 8F 48624, 777 "Sir Lamiel"
BR Std 2 78019, LMS Ivatt class 2 - 46521. LMS 0-6-0 Jinty 47406, N7 Tank engine No. 1744 and a diesel Railcar.
The usual passenger sets running and with all the different freight trains plus Mail train, made it one of the best spectacles on the double tracks.
An excellent day out and all running like clockwork .

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ELR - LMS Theme Weekend - 2014


22/11/2014 - Saturday. and what can only be called a dank and dull day to start after lots of rain overnight. A trip along the line from Ramsbottom to Bury was my best option and arrived just as the Crab was returning from Rawtenstall for my trip to Bury.
Just two engines running the line, LMS 2-6-0 Crab - 13065 and L & Y 12322 plus LMS 0-6-0 Jinty at Bury station now in LMS guise as 16407 giving £10.00 driving rides towards Buckley Wells.
On the station, they were celebrating Lancashire day which is on the 27th of November and the entertainment was provided by Royal Preston Morris dancers plus the Bury Town Crier, reading a proclamation out to the public. Obliviously this meant a pint of local brew and some excellent traditional fayre in the Trackside pub.
The sun broke through in the afternoon, but being low down in the sky didnt help with the photography and I returned to Ramsbottom later and then home.
I really nice day out, and in very warm coaches on the train as well, but not a day for photographs.

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ELR Autumn Steam Gala - 2014


18/10/2014 - Saturday and a cloudy, early start at Burrs to catch the early train from Bury pulled by L & Y "A" class 0-6-0 No. 12322 & 0-6-0 Austerity "Sapper" with LNER K4 61994 "The Great Marquess" banking.
2 LNER Gresley A4`s - 60007 "Sir Nigel Gresley" & 60009 "Union of South Africa" were some of the guest engines for this event. LMS 2-6-0 Crab No.13065 was making in gala debut after being overhauled and other engines included BR Std tank 80080 with 0-4-0 Peckett "May" at Bury station.
Saturday didnt go as planned due to an operational incident at Rawtenstall and services finished up running an hour late. I left around 15:00 due to other commitments just as the weather started to improve.
19/10/2014 - Sunday and back again for the early morning Sunday photo shoot at Burrs with the Parcel set behind 60009 "Union of South Africa." This was followed by a trip to Summerseat to try out different locations, then onto Ewood Bridge and home for lunch.
Another excellent gala organised by the ELR with the best line up of locomotices in years and full trains in all directions. Well Done !!

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2014


10/01/2014 - LNER B1 61264 on a loaded test run captured at Billington
25/01/2014 - LNER - B1 - 61264 pilots Black 5 - 45407 approaching Fowler Lane on the "Winter Cumbrian Mountain" Express -
05/02/2014 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on 5Z50 loaded test run at Houghton.
15/02/2014 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on the Cumbrian Mountain Express north of Carnforth.
05/03/2014 - 45699 "Galatea" on a Cathedrals Express - steam from Hellifield to Carlisle captured at Helwith Bridge
08/03/2014 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on the CME approaching Long Preston and also at Hellifield Green
15/03/2014 - LNER A4 "Bittern" as 4464 on the Cumbrian Ranger caught returning from Carlisle to Crewe leaving Langho
29/03/2014 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" leaving Settle with a running of "The Hadrian"
09/05/2014 - Black 5`s 44871 leads 45407 at Barrow on "The Highlands & Islands Explorer" day 1 heading for Appleby
07/06/2014 - 5972 "Hogwarts Castle" on the Wizards Express from Manchester to York via Carnforth.
18/06/2014 - LMS Jubilee - 45699 "Galatea" coasting downhill towards Langho and returning at Billington on "The Fellsman"
25/06/2014 - 8F 48151 on "The Fellsman" coasting through Langho Station heading towards Hellifield.
02/07/2014 - LMS Jubilee - 45699 "Galatea" roaring uphill towards Blackburn, leaving Langho behind on "The Fellsman
05/07/2014 - 60163 "Tornado" racing north at Bilsborrow on the WCML with the "Border Raider" heading towards Carlisle
09/07/2014 - 48151 returning with "The Fellsman" climbing past Langho.
16/07/2014 - LMS 8F at Wilpshire station on "The Fellsman" heading towards Hellifield.
19/07/2014 - 60009 "Union of South Africa" racing up Whalley Banks with a returning "Cumbrian Mountain Express."
23/07/2014 - LMS 8F - 48151 returning with "The Fellsman" at Barrow footcrossing
26/07/2014 - 60009 "Union of South Africa" passing Barrow with an outward CME heading towards Hellifield
30/07/2014 - LMS 8F 48151 at Clitheroe on "The Fellsman" heading towards Hellifield plus returning at Clitheroe, Whalley Arches and Langho
13/08/2014 - Black 5 45231 "Sherwood Forester" on a steam only return leg "Fellsman" at Billington foot crossing
27/08/2014 - Black 5 45231 "Sherwood Forester" on the last of "The Fellsman" service photographed at Clitheroe outward and leaving Langho on the return
30/08/2014 - 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" on the Cumbrian Mountain Express leavng Whalley behind at Barrow footcrossing and Flag lane, Lostock Hall.
28/09/2014 - 45699 "Galatea" with 5Z50 returning from Crewe to Carnforth with support coaches at Flag Lane.
16/10/2014 - 60007 "Sir Nigel Gresley" dragging two support coaches and 61994 "The Great Marquess" from Carnforth to Bury on 5Z69 at Bilsborrow
16/10/2014 - 45690 "Leander" on a test run from Carnforth to Hellifield and return at Hellifield
21/10/2014 - 45690 "Leander"on a loaded test run comes off Whalley Arches at Billington footcrossing.

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ELR - East Coast Theme Day 2014


12/10/2014 - Visiting steam engine, Gresley A4 Pacific, ‘Union of South Africa’, allowed the opportunity to compare notes with its direct replacement; Deltic diesel locomotive D9009 ‘Alycidon’.
These locomotives were built to haul the heavy Anglo-Scottish expresses along the famous London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Also featured the Standard Tank 80080, adding into the mix the kind of steam locomotive that was used for smaller passenger trains in Scotland as well as further afield.
I spent a lovely 90 minutes in the warm Autumn sunshine at Irewell Vale Halt for nice relaxing afternoon out.

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K&WV Railway Autumn Steam Gala - 2014


11/10/2014 - A lovely sunny morning trip to the K & WVR for their autumn steam gala.
I arrived at "top field," between Haworth and Qxenhope in time to catch the vintage train, pulled by the Coal tank - 1054. In fact it was running 15 minutes late and I managed to see the returning train from Oxenhope pulled by the WD 90733 & piloted by "Big Jim" USA 2-8-0 5820. After WD 90733 passed on the 11.00 late service I headed for Keighley banks to find the passageway full of spectators and photographers.
Things seemed to have gone wrong with a missing freight and 34092 "City of Wells" taking out the late 11.25 by itself. Black 5 - 45305 had been failed and I didnt see the Fowler 4F at all. Probably I was just unlucky on this occasion. The coal tank pulled hard out of Keighley and nearly stalled until Nunlow on the back decided to give it a shove. I then returned to top field to capture the run pasts of City of Wells, "Big Jim" and the vintage train and then returned home mid afternoon.
Still a good gala, but it didn`t run like clockwork - wind the punctuality up please for next year.

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Ribble Steam Railway Autumn Gala - 2014


13th & 14th September 2014 - A trip to Preston Docks for The Ribble Steam Autumn steam Gala.
This years Gala featured 0-4-0 Saddle tank "Vulcan" plus LYR 0-6-0 Aspinall No 12322 with Barclay No.6 and "Courageous"
With lovely sunny weather on a Saturday, the usual friendly faces at this gathering, it was a good day for photography, looking around the museum and workshops plus a bacon butty and a trip along the line. I had to leave mid afternoon due to other commitments but returned mid afternoon on Sunday for an hour, the weather now being cloudy. A good couple of days out and up to the usual standards.

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Graested to Gronnehave Again


17/08/2014 - A return visit for another steam trip along the north coast of Zealand in Denmark from Graested to Gronnehave.
This time, it was the last running of the summer season on a Sunday morning for this excursion.
The train is mainly pulled by steam locomotive 4-4-0 DSB K 582, made in 1900, pulling vintage coaches of all sorts and styles.
If you are acquainted with the efficiency of the Danish Train system, then this service does not hang around, running along the single track. With services running in the opposite direction, it is a dash to the next station at speeds estimated over 50mph for a passing place for a service trains to pass. It is also turn up and pay on the train, so turning up early is advised, although the train was only partially full on my visit and for 120kr (about £14) it is great value for an hour run in each direction.
It started to rain on the way back, which cleared the open carriage next to the engine of passengers who moved down the train to the enclosed coaches.
Still my favorite steam run !!
more information here -

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ELR 1940`s Weekend - 2014


Sunday 25/05/2014. A trip along the line from Rawtenstall to Bury and stopping off on the way back at Ramsbottom for the ELR 1940`s Weekend - " Sing as we go."
"Katie Mustang" was in full voice as I arrived at Rawtenstall for the 10.55 service which was pulled by Austerity 0-6-0 "Sapper".
Passing 61994 "The Great Marquess" at Ramsbottom, I arrived at Bury to see Std tank 80080 leaving for Rawtenstall. 0-4-0 Peckett "May" was running around the station with a military freight, leaving newly restored LMS Crab 13065 in crimson livery ( aka 42965) in platform 1. More ENSA singing by "Jane Francis" and other interesting sights to see here before returning, stopping at Ramsbottom to see the spitfire display, military parade and more Ensa entertainment by Paul Harper plus 13065 in the sidings now with a troop train.
I then carried on behind 61994 to Rawtenstall for a very interesting and enjoyable day spoiled only by the damp weather.

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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway - Branchline weekend 2014


03/05/2014 - Saturday and a lovely sunny morning to start off this 3 day event. I went for a trip along the line the previous Sunday and added some pictures from my camera phone.
Today four engines in steam plus a diesel taking turns on a variety of stock - long goods, Parcels Set, Mark 1 coaching stock and the Stately coaching stock.
Engines running - L&Y A-Class 12322 - in (LMS livery), "Norman" 68005 - (RSH Austerity), "Beatrice" - (Hunslet 16") and Samuel Fox & Co. 20 - Hudswell Clarke plus D.5600 - BR Class 31 diesel on a 30 minute time table meaning that an engine was passing approximately every 15 minutes.
They kept the timetable running on time in the morning but returning after some lunch it had slipped to 30 minutes late but without cancellations when I left for home at 15.45.
Probably the best event I have been to all year for the weather and action.
Excellent day out... but I think I have got sun burnt !!

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NYMR Spring Steam Gala - 2014


26/04/2014 - Saturday and day 2 of the spring steam gala. Weather was very cloudy with light rain which started to brightening up slightly in the mid afternoon.
Engines employed today included 3 Black 5`s - 44806 and Ian Riley`s pair 45407 & 44871. BR Std 4 75029 "Green Knight" on the Whitby run. LNER Gresley A4 4464 "Bittern" and Lampton tank No29 plus LNER B1 - 61264 disguised as 61034 "Chiru" was a nice touch.
Gresley K4 - 62005 and LMS Jinty 47406 disgraced themselves and did not run causing the cancellation of shuttles between Grosmont and Goathland and the BR Std 5 75029 being used on the Whitby line.
Again, another gala which turned out to be more of an extended timetable due to failed engines than the advertised event with all the missing services and changes.
Still an enjoyable day out but a long way to travel.

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