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Personal blog of Steam Galas & Mainline Steam running from around the North of England. Pictures copyright of Author!!

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ELR Autumn Steam Gala - 2017


Saturday 14th October and off again to the East Lancashire Railway for their Autumn Steam Gala.
Two Guest engines - 60009 "Union of South Africa" and Hunslet Austerity - 2890 given a "Douglas" makeover + tender by the Ribble Steam Railway.
Home fleet engines running include -
34092 "City of Wells" which failed after its first run on saturday with a tender wheel hot box
52322 - L & Y "A" Class 0-6-0
13065 LMS 2-6-0 Crab
Sunday, spent a lazy afternoon at Irewell Vale Halt with the Camera and the drone.
A cloudy weekend, but fine and an enjoyable weekend in various locations along the line. Also gave the drone a few flights when the wind subsided late Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Links to drone videos can be found under various drone pictures in this gallery.

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Test Runs of 35018 "British India Line"


18/05/2017 - SR 4-6-2 - Merchant Navy class - 35018 "British India Line" on 5M51 - a test run from Carnforth to Hellifield and return with pictures from Giggleswick Station, entering Long Preston and Hellifield Station. The Engine ran painted black and with a TOPS number 98818 chalked on the cab sides and smokebox and also the nameplates off another SR Region pacific "Bodmin"
17/08/2017 - Another test run around the Carnforth - Hellifield - Blackburn circuit. Still black and no nameplate but now painted Tops numbers on its cab sides. Running nearly three hours late, I managed to see it near Eldroth, Long Preston, Hellifield Station & Hellifield Green plus Langho... and pass it at Settle Junction and Chatburn.. but no pictures.
35018 "British India Line" was one of the first batch of twenty SR Merchant Navy Class steam locomotives to be built by the Southern Railway in 1945.She was withdrawn from service in August 1964 and was sold onto Woodham Brothers scrapyard in Barry, South Wales where she arrived in December of the same year.
"British India Line" was to remain at Barry Scrapyard for 16 years until November 1979 when she was purchased for preservation and in March 1980, she was moved to the Mid Hants Railway, she was later moved to a site in Portland in Dorset, but was moved once again in 2012 to the former 10A steam shed at Carnforth, Lancashire where since then she underwent a thorough restoration to working order and modern mainline standards.

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K&WV Railway - Small Engines Gala - 2017


Friday - 07/07/2017 and the first day of a three day Gala featuring the smaller engines and shunters of the K&WVR home fleet and a couple of guest engines as well. I had just a few hours in the morning and early afternoon before having to go to work later in the day. A cloudy start at top field between Haworth and Oxenhope with the drone & camera hoping to catch the guest engine - Austerity 0-6-0 - 71515 "Mech. Navvies Ltd" on its first run. Alas Coal Tank 1054 took its slot and due to limited time I move on to Keighley Bank for most of the time I had and to catch 2nd guest engine - L&SWR 0-4-2WT No 30587 running on the shuttle to Ingrow West and then calling in at Haworth Shed on the way home.
Nunlow also put in a fine performance as usual and also running Diesel shunter D0226 "Vulcan".
As it happens 71515 didnt run on friday due to a lack of paperwork.
A bit of a strange visit for me - An hourly timetable up and down the line which was fine. but not much else running on friday and whilst there but lots more promised for the weekend I was unable for me to attend due to work.
Video of 1054 - Coal tank at Top field, -

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K&WV Railway - Flying Scotsman visit - 2017


A visit of the famous 60103 "Flying Scotsman" to the K&WVR
31/03/2017 - Friday and a cloudy day in the Dales. - A mainline special from Oxenhope to Carlisle and return to reopen the S&C after a landslip the previous year. A trip up to one of my favorite locations near Selside and this this armed with a drone to take some arial pictures as well.
04/04/2017 - Tuesday and a damp start and cloudy day - A visit to Top field between Haworth and Oxenhope armed with the drone again before traveling down to Keighley and onto the bank outside the station. 60103 was banked with WD 90733 whilst LMS 4F - 43924 run a service in the opposite direction.
and WD 90733 banking Flying Scotsman again.
08/04/2017 - A beautiful and sunny Saturday. A return trip back to the top field again, this time on the opposite side of the track and with the drone again. BR Std 4 - 75078 was on the opposite service today and WD 90733 was banking Flying Scotsman again.
Drone Videos here -
60163 - Selside (no sound) -
60163 - Top Field - Tuesday -
60163 - Top Field - Saturday -

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ELR Spring Steam Gala - 2017


Friday 10/03/2017 - The first of a three day steam gala. The rain had stopped as a called in at Ramsbottom on the way to Burrs country park. A great line up steam had been assembled to represent the scene of local shed "Lostock Hall."
Guest engine was LMS 8F 48624 from the GCR.
Local fleet running include - LMS Black 5`s - 45407 "Lancashire Fusilier" & 45212.
BR Std 4 - 76084
LMS Hughes Fowler Crab - 13065 - (not running Friday)
L & Y 0-6-0 - 52322
plus also SR Bullied pacific - 4-6-2 - 34092 "City of Wells"
Saturday 11/03/2107 - The weather was milder than Friday but still very overcast.
I started todays locations at the footcrossing near Summerseat before waking to Spring Bank farm before moving to Ewood Bridge and onto Townsend fold and the area.
Sunday 12/03/2017 - A lovely spring day which slowly cloulded over and light drizzle after I left.
I started at Ramsbottom after a late start as it seemed to be the best place without a wait. I moved on to the Heywood side and near Heapy Bridge before returning to my usual haunt at Burrs before returning home when the weather started to change.
A really great steam gala for the ELR with it running to the timetables and all the steam action. spoiled only by the dull weather
45212 / 45407 at Burrs video here -

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Llangollen Spring Steam Gala - "Along Birkenhead Lines" - 2017


Saturday 04/03/2017 - Following the advice of the weathermen I set off for Llangollen for their Spring Steam Gala. A fleet of 7 engines had been assembled for this event.
Guest engines - GWR 4-6-0 6960 "Raveningham Hall"
LMS 2-8-0 8F - 48624
LMS 2-6-0 4MT - 43106 - "The Flying Pig"
plus GWR 2-6-2 Prairie Tank - 5199
GWR 2-6-0 7822 - "Foxcote Manor"
LMS 4-6-0 Black 5 45337 running today as weathered 45292
BR Std Tank 80072
I stopped off on the edge of Llangollen watching some of the fleet come off shed before heading between Carrog and Corwen for different locations and then to Berwen bank & tunnel entrance and around Berwen Station and then back to Llangollen.
It clouded over as the morning went on and then the rain set in early afternoon so I set off home around 16.00 when it became constant. I very enjoyable gala but dont listen to the weather people - better conditions were had on the K & WV Railway. Believe it even snowed on the Sunday here!! so probably right decision after all.

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K&WV Railway Winter Steam Gala - 2017


Friday 03/03/2017 - A morning that started bright but by lunch it had clouded over and started to rain. I started in the top field between Haworth and Oxenhope and then moved off down to Keighley watching the action from the banks. I then headed off to Hellifield as the rain started to catch the loaded test run of 45212 before heading off home in the pouring rain.
2 Guest engines running - LMS Hughes Fowler 2-6-0 Crab - 13065
- LNER 4-6-0 - B1 - 61264
plus - BR STD 4MT - 75078,
WD 2-8-0 90733
Taff Vale Railway Class O2 0-6-2T No. 85,
LNWR Webb Coal Tank 0-6-2 -1054.
Sunday - 05/03/2017. - A Third guest had arrive late Friday, LMS Black 5 - 45212.
I headed back and arrived mid afternoon and still it was raining. I parked in Ebor Lane and headed towards the top of the tunnel, catching 13065/90733 heading back to Haworth and 45212/61264 towards Haworth. Shots followed of 13065/75078 with 1054 banking and 61264 heading back. By this time the services were about 40 mins down and headed towards the sheds to catch any action there.
An excellent gala and engines running I never saw ie Nunlow ... but the wet weather let me down picking the worst days, Will be back again next gala !!

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Churnet Valley Railway - Winter Steam Gala - 2017


Saturday 25/02/2017 - A Dull day with showers in the afternoon and very muddy underfoot along the towpaths of the Caldon Canal whilst on the photographing adventures.
4 engines in steam for this gala - 2 x USA S160`s - 5197 & 6146
Polish TKh no. 2944 "Hotspur"
South Eastern & Chatham Railway P Class no. 323 Blubell (visiting from the Bluebell Railway).
I arrived fairly early at Kingsley & Froghall station and had to wait nearly an hour for a train to arrive. A run of a mile or so along the line to Consall on the 10.53 service behind Bluebell, to take some pictures from the canal towpath, followed by a trip further along the line behind 6046 to Chaddleton with a trip around the sheds and then back to Consall for a pint in the Black Swan,a place to dodge the showers and more pictures before returning back to Froghall behind double headed USA 160s. A bit of videoing followed with these two engines making a stirring sight departing and then off towards Bradnob to catch them again.
The trains were nearly all full, probably the best place to be given the timetable and the weather.
The Gala really needed the loop at Consall repaired to be able to give a better timetable and the locomotive movements and trains up to Ipstones took alot of the engine times and capacity. This left the Cheddleton to Froghall part sparingly blank with only six departures all day from Kingsley & Froghall. Poor in my opinion for a gala day.
Alot of waiting around for trains - but an enjoyable day despite the weather.

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GCR - Winter Steam Gala - 2017


Friday - 27/01/2017 and a freezing Friday morning for the start of the steam gala at Woodthorpe along the line.
Plenty of action to be seen with the first service from Loughborough being pulled by the guest engine - SR Q class 0-6-0 30541, light engine movements to start and freight trains.
Other regulars running include BR Pacific 4-6-2 - 70013 Oliver Cromwell. 30777 "Sir Lamiel" 6990 "Witherslack Hall"and LMS Ivatt 46521. I left at lunch time to thaw out hoping to return ... but that took the rest of the day.
Saturday - 28/01/2017. I set off for Kinchley lane to catch the first train. A Large crowd was already there and I set up and found that my camera battery had emptied its self over night and battery pack wouldnt work also. After 30 minutes of frustration and watching the trains roll past, I headed back to charge the battery and come back with a replacement camera returning within 30 minutes and loosing a great spot I had. I stayed until lunch and returned about an hour later with charged battery and working camera deciding to do some videos for a change.
Engines running today included yesterdays fleet plus 9F 92214, LMS Black 5 - 45305, LMS 8F 48624, LMS Jinty 47406, BR Std 2 tank - 78022 & DMU unit.
Very impressed withe the timetable, 10 steam engines and a DMU, freight, mineral wagon and traveling post office rake of coaches and movements fitted into a hectic timetable.
I tried my camera out doing videos for a change and impressed with the quality of them - taking some stills from them to use in this album.

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2016


03/01/2016 - East Lancshire Railway. In lousy rainy weather, LMS Hughes Fowler 2-6-0 Crab - 13065 on the 11.50 from Bury heading towards Summerseat.
23/01/2016 - LMS Black 5`s 44871 piloting 45407 "Lancashire Fusilier" on the Winter CME at the Spread Eagle at Barrow and also Selside heading for Carlisle.
27/01/2016 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" on its way to Carnforth on 5Z72 at Flag Lane, Farington Curve Junction
04/02/2016 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" light test run 5Z50 caught at Giggleswick station and Hellifield plus loaded test run 5M50 at Hellifield and Hellifield Green
06/02/2016 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" working the Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express to Carlisle in dreadful conditions at Scout Green and returning at Whalley station.
13/02/2016 - 45699 "Galatea " and 44871 working 5Z43 & 5Z44 to Blackburn for the following days "Tin Bath" excursion pictured at Houghton, Pleasington and Blackburn station.
14/02/2016 - 45699 "Galatea " and 44871 on "The Tin Bath" south of Farington curve junction and Copy pit on the return.
From 18/02/2016 to 22/03/2016 - NO mainline steam in this area due to operational restrictions placed by O.R.R. on W.C.R.C.
02/04/2016 - 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" heading back to Crewe in full flight with a late running Cumbrian Mountain Express" at Bilsborrow north of Preston.
09/04/2016 - 46100 "Royal Scot" on the Cumbrian Coast Express northbound on the WCML at Docker
14/04/2016 - 45690 "Leander" & 8f 48151 at Hellifield on 5M51 - Carnforth - Hellifield - Carnforth test run
17/04/2016 - Ribble Steam Railway - Spring Steam Gala - last hour of the Gala with 0-4-0 "Teddy" & No.6
22/04/2016 - 45690 "Leander" on "The Salopian Express" from Dumfries - Shrewsbury, south of Farington curve junction passing Flag lane.
14/06/2016 - 46100 "Royal Scot" on a private charter 1Z46 from Crewe to York crossing Huncoat Level Crossing.
23/07/2016 - 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" returning south of Preston near Farington Curve Junction with a Cumbrian Mountain Express
26/07/2016 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" returning with the Welsh Mountaineer from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Preston at Balshaw Lane in the late evening light
30/07/2016 - LMS Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" rushing home through Huncoat station on 5Z74 after coming off the returning Coast to Coast Express at Milford.
06/08/2016 - Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" heads north from Preston at Bilsborrow with the "Cumbrian Mountain Express" to Carlisle and return.
20/08/2016 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" heading northbound at Brock with the Cumbrian Mountain Express
03/09/2016 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" heading north on the Cumbrian Mountain Express at Bilsborrow in heavy rain
20/09/2016 - 76084 - 5M50 - Loaded test run of BR Std 4 - around the Carnforth - Hellifield - Blackburn - Carnforth circuit captured at Long Preston, Hellifield & Billington.
01/10/2016 - LMS Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" on "The Lune Rivers Trust" excursion from Carnforth to Chester via Hellifield approaching Wilpshire Tunnel and returning at Whalley
05/11/2016 - Black 5`s 44871 piloting 45407 on 5Z43, a position move from Carnforth to Blackburn in preparation for Sunday`s "Tin Bath" rail tour from Preston pictured approaching Houghton Bottoms.
15/11/2015 - LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0 45699 "Galatea" running on 5M50 around the Carnforth - Hellifield - Blackburn - Carnforth loop on driver training approaching Wilpshire tunnel.
16/11/2016 - LMS Jubilee 4-6-0 45699 "Galatea" on 5M50 Driver training approaching Barrow foot crossing heading towards Blackburn
18/11/2016 - LMS Jubilee 45699 "Galatea" on 5M50 driver training storming up Whalley Banks at Langho station.
24/12/2016 - LMS Black 5 - 45305 approaching Woodthorpe Bridge at the Great Central Railway on a Santa Special running to Leicester from Loughborough.
31/12/2016 - LMS Black 5`s - 44871 piloting 45407 "Lancashire Fusilier" on 5Z38 from Carnforth to the East Lancahire Railway via Copy Pit crossing Accrington Viaduct.

The closure of the S & C north of Appleby due to an embankment slip and the consequent cancellations of the "Fellsman","Dalesman" and the "CME" via the S & C means a lack of mainline steam specials.

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ELR - 60103 "Flying Scotman" Autumn Steam Gala - 2016


13/10/2016 -Thursday - First of four running days of 60103 "Flying Scotsman" on the East Lancashire Railway. The first service started at 8:40 with Flying Scotsman and stopping at the newly built Burrs Country Park Halt being the first locomotive to stop here and also for the Mayor to unveil a plaque and officially open the Halt although not being used until the 2017 timetable starts . A two hourly service was then run by Flying Scotsman with 34093 "City of Wells" and L & Y 0-6-0 12322 running in between plus a DMU service from Ramsbottom to Heywood.
The first service had a few empty seats but the rest of 60103`s 8 coaches were packed for the run down the line.
Pleasant day out... and took my two little dogs with me who seemed to enjoy the day in the country also.
14/10/2016 - Friday - Had to pick family up from Manchester so I timed it so to catch 60103 at Ewood Bridge again and at Ramsbottom 2 hours later when returning home with 34093 "City of Wells" and 12322 running.
15/10/2016 - Saturday - A late afternoon visit to catch the last two runs of 60103 "Flying Scotsman" at Summerseat and Burrs Country Park and 34093 being replaced by the BR Std Tank - 80080.

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GCR - Autumn Steam Gala - 2016


09/10/2016 - Sunday - Arriving at Woodthorpe quite late for me after sleeping in and over a two hour drive.
The Gala was in full swing with sunny weather and plenty of action along the double tracks.
Locomotives running - Guest Engine - GWR Pairie Tank - 2-6-2T - 4566
Newly restored - BR Class 2 2-6-0 - 78018
BR Pacific - 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" (facing north)
BR 9F 2-10- 0 92214
GWR 4-6-0 - 6990 - Witherslack Hall
SR 4-6-0 No. 777 "Sir Lamiel"
LMS Black 5 - 4-6-0 - 45305
LMS 8F - 2-8-0 - 48624
LMS Ivatt Class 2 - 46521
LMS 0-6-0 Jinty - 47406
The weather went slowly cloudy during the course of the day and eventually started raining around 16:30 when I decide to head for home - Up to its usual high standard and an enjoyable day out.

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K&WV Railway Autumn Steam Gala - 2016


K&WV Railway Autumn Steam Gala - 2016 - A three day event starting on Friday 7th October.
A drive past on the Thursday afternoon before the event shows the Steam locomotives in light steam getting prepared for the start the next day.
I came back for a few hours on Saturday morning until mid afternoon catching alot of the action along the line.
Guest engines for the gala include SR Battle of Britain class 4-6-2 - 34053 "Sir Keith Park" and GWR 2-6-0 7822 "Foxcote Manor" plus newly restored LMS Black 5 - 45212
Other engines running included BR STD 4MT - 75078,
USA US ATC S160 "Big Jim"- 5828
LNWR Webb Coal Tank 0-6-2 -1054
Taff Vale Railway Class O2 0-6-2T No. 85
"Sir Keith Park" misbehaved on Friday struggling on slippy wet rails and was double headed today up the line, altering the planned timetable and consequently WD 90733 &"Nunlow" plus 43924 where not used as planned.
Although the time table slipped by about 30 minutes by the time I left, it was a great afternoon out and they still had half a fleet of engines in reserve that wasnt used. Excellent!

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Middleton Railway - Victorian Gala - 2016


Friday 15th July and a prequel to the Victorian Gala on Saturday and Sunday which I was unable to attend for work reasons.
"Bellerophon" operated mixed trains at 2pm, 2.45pm, & 3.30pm After the last train there was an opportunity to photograph all three VCT locos 'on shed' at Moor Road - these being
Haydock Foundry 6 "Bellerophon"
HC 402 "Lord Mayor", a static exhibit.
Manning Waring 1210 "Sir Berkeley"
Engines in steam for the gala -
NER Class H 1310;
MW 1601 "Matthew Murray"
MW 1210 "Sir Berkeley" (which belongs to the Vintage Carriages Trust but is based here).
Haydock Foundry 6 "Bellerophon"
A guards van ride up the line to Park Halt on the first service and a walk back to Moor Lane talking photographs followed and a look around the museum took up most of the afternoon. A quick photoshoot around the museum entrance with the guest engines and It was time to go home for tea.
A nice afternoon out - pity about the weather.

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ELR Summer Diesel Gala - 2016


A 3 day event from Friday 8th July to Sunday 10th July.
I managed to make it Friday afternoon for an afternoon at Burrs country park in breezy cloudy conditions. Saturday had other plans for me but the weather was horrible anyway with lots of rain.
Sundays forecast was not much better so a trip along the line from Rawtenstall to Bury and return, stopping off at Ramsbottom returning followed. Then a little more linesiding at Rawtenstall, Ewood Bridge and Irewell Vale in between the rain showers.
A large collection of vintage diesels had been assembled for the event which included the following guest engines and home fleet.
2 x class 56 Diesels - 56098 & 56006
2 x Peak Class - D182 & 45108
3 x Class 40`s - D345, 40135 & 40106
Class 37109 - (not seen)
2 x Class 14 D9531 "Eric" & D9537 "Ernest" (not seen)
2 x Class 31 - 5580 & 31466
Class 42 - Warship Class D832 "Onslaught"
Class 35 - Hymec D7076
Class 28 Metrovick Co-Bo - D5705
Dare I say that I enjoyed my trip to the dark side. Well I must have to have gone back and a ride along the line.

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GCR - "Railways at Work Gala" - 2016


21/05/2016 - Just a Saturday morning at Woodthorpe in the dull and light drizzle to catch the action on the double tracks. Building work at this location is now starting to encrouch on the side of the shots and these views wont be available for long now.
Guest engine - S & D 7F 2-8-0 - 53808 with GCR Home fleet - Ivatt 2 - 46521 in new Brunswick Green, Green 9F 92214, LMS Black 5 - 45305 & LMS 8F - 48624, LMS Jinty 47324, 6990 "Witherslack Hall" plus a DMU.
GWR 42xx Class 2-8-0t No. 4247 did not feature at the Gala after arriving at GCR and being certified as unfit to run but on show at Loughborough sheds.
The intention was to return in the afternoon but the family dragged me away for a long pub lunch.

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ELR - Small Engine Weekend - 2016


16/04/2016 - Small Engines Weekend on the East Lancashire Railway and always a variety of traction employed on this Gala.
Steam included 0-6-0 "Beatrice" from the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway.
L & Y 0-6-0 12322
MSC No32 Gothenberg
Diesels / Electrics - Class 73 -73001
Clayton Class 17`s - D9531 "Ernest" & D9537 "Eric" failed on saturday
MSC Shunter - 4002 * failed on saturday
03 Shunters D2084 & D2062
08 Shunter 08721
09 Shunter 09024
A very interesting event and something different to photograph. Just two gripps - cancellation of the 11.45 shuttle with MSC 4002 which failed and the Clayton double header didnt happen with a failure of D9537. Other than that, I had a lovely day out and went home just before the heavy hail showers mid afternoon cold but happy.
17/04/2016 - Returned to Burrs country park for an hour hoping to see the Clayton double header and MSC4002 but found out about the failures then left for the Ribble Steam Railway Gala for their final runnings (- see notable workings)

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NYMR - Flying Scotsman Runnings


15/03/2016 - Tuesday, cold, dull, misty and light drizzle were the order of the day and a week after trying to see 60103 "Flying Scotsman" at the National Railway Museum . I arrived at Moorgates with minutes to spare after traffic hold ups on my 3 hour journey. A move onto Darnhome to catch the steam / diesel - top and tail service and the first returning Scotsman service. A walk round to Water Ark to catch the 2nd Scotsman service and returning light engined banker - BR Std 4 - 76079. A drive then to Levisham Station to catch the 3rd running, but stopped off just in time to catch the returning steam / diesel service at Moorgates again. LMS Black 5 - 45428 "Eric Treacy" and Diesel type 37 - 37264 pulling this top and tail service. Late runnings started to occur with the last service 30 minutes late and a cancellation of the last DMU running. Enjoyable day out but tired with the journey

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ELR Spring Steam Gala - 2016


11/03/2016 (Friday) and first day of a 3 day event on the East Lancashire Railway. An early start at Burrs Country Park to photograph the first service to Rawtenstall stopping on the railway till the end of services and then onto the evening photo shoot at Buckley Well engine shed.
Engines running included - SR Bullied pacific - 4-6-2 - 34092 "City of Wells"
LMS Crab - 2-6-0 - 13065
LMS Black 5 - 4-6-0 - 44871
BR Std tank - 80080
MSC 0-6-0 Tank - N0.32 "Gottenburg"
The weather started off fairly misty in the morning and by lunch, the sun had broke through and turned into a nice sunnny day and staying fine for the evening photo shoot.
Its a pity that 46229 "Duchess of Sutherland" couldn`t get there due to movement problems - but still a great gala and very enjoyable day out.
Big thank you to Jonathan Valentine for organising an excellent evening photo shoot at Buckley Wells.

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Trip to the National Railway Musuem


08/03/2016 - Tuesday - A day out for me to the NRM to see 60103 "Flying Scotsman" before it moved to the NYMR for their Gala. What a disappointment to find that it had been moved outside and mostly hidden away, being prepared for its journey in two days time.
If fact, the whole experience was a bit of a let down compared with visits in the past with alot of the exhibits having been moved out to Shildon or in other places or Heritage lines. and parts of the Great Hall looking like a large Cafe.
Probably the last visit for a while until things improve ... or when Scotsman returns and its easy to see it. Looks like a visit to the NYMR next week.

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