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Personal blog of Steam Galas & Mainline Steam running from around the North of England. Pictures copyright of Author!!

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Churnet Valley Railway & Moorland & City Railways Cauldon Lowe Branch re-opening Gala


13/11/2010 - Oh what a fun day I had !! -Not a day for photography but traveling on the line.
I arrived at Froghall at just after 10.00 am and queued and bought my rover ticket. Went onto the station and boarded what I thought was the local train to Cheddleton thinking I missed the first train to Cauldon Lowe. The train was full but I managed to find a seat with no problems. The train set off and the TTI inspected my ticket and said I shouldnt be on that train as it was a fully "booked in advance train" .... and asked me to alight at Consall which I did without objecting. Little did I know of the coach failure and this was the first train running 40 mins late.
Caught the waiting DMU set back to Froghall pulled by Eddystone and seeing the crowds at Froghall waiting decided to stop on board for the ride back to Cheddleton behind the DMU.
At Cheddleton I waited or the next train to Cauldon Lowe which was behind Eddystone. On boarding. I got no further than the carriage doorway as we were packed in like sardines and couldnt get into the carriage.
The schuduled banker was changed to a diesel but what a lovely ride up the line for what I saw through a door window.... well done to all concerned !!
The pull back to Cheddleton was mainly uneventfull behind the diesel with a few getting off the train at Cheddleton and reviving the jam slightly for the run to Froghall.
Might not have been on the first train to Cauldon Lowe but was the first to been thrown off a train on the line to Cauldon Lowe (albeit nicely).
Engines running - 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" ,34028 "Eddystone" Black 5 - 44767 "George Stevenson" LMS 8F 8624 & Type 33 Diesel 33021
All in all - enjoyed my day out - will be back again on a quieter day

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ELR Autumn Steam Gala - 2010


23/10/2010 - A rainy saturday afternoon at Burrs watching the action at the East Lancashire Railway - Autumn Steam festival with special guest engine - new build A1 - 60163 "Tornado" & BR Std 5 73129 plus LMS Jubilee 5960 "Leander" back for a return visit. Other engines running included 71000 "Duke of Gloucester and newly restored Black 5 - 45337.
Just 5 engines in total but any more wernt required as these 5 put on some great performances along the Burrs straight in various combinations making up for standing around in the rain and showers - nice afternoon out !
24/10/2010 - Sunday and a complete contrast in weather with brillient sunshine and remains of frost from the night before gave perfect conditions for photography. So I headed for the Irewell Vale area before traveling to Ramsbottom and then home.
Great morning out - just a pity I had to work later in the day.

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GCR - "Eastern Feel" Autumn Steam Gala 2010


Sunday, last day of three for the "Steam Railway" magazine sponcered "Eastern Feel " steam gala and the sun broke through the cloud towards midday for a glorious gala.
I wanted to catch the action line side and made my way to Kinchley lane were about 20 photers were already there. This grew to over 100 I reckon wanting to capture the action of a full extended timetable of freight and passenger services using the double line.
Engines running -
•Visiting unique BR Standard 8 No. 71000 'Duke of Gloucester'
•Visiting sole surviving D49 No. 246 'Morayshire'
•Visiting sole surviving K4 No. 61994 'The Great Marquess'
•Visiting sole surviving J72 No. 69023 'Joem'
•GCR O4 No. 63601
•BR Standard 2 No. 78019 running as scrapped classmate 78054
•Pitchford hall replacing failed GNR N2 tank 1744
•Newly restored Black 5 - 45305
It was Sunday 10/10/2010 and another 10/10 for this Classic Gala !!

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K&WV Railway Autumn Steam Gala - 2010


Friday 8/10/2010 and the first of a three day steam festival which started off in dull & damp misty conditions
I had just time to visit for a few hours in the morning due to work committments but it was well worth the visit just to see one of the guest engines in steam - BR Std 5 - 73129 and listen to the noise it made coming up through the Worth valley.
The other guest engine making a return to the railway was 0-6-0 Bellerophon but not being used today.
The other engines in steam from their home fleet included - BR Std Tank 80002, Jinty 47279, L&Y 957, WD 90733 plus Ivatt 41241 seen in light steam.
Nice morning out with the gala at its usual high standard.

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NYMR Autumn (S & D) Steam Gala 2010


02/10/2010 - The 2nd of a 3 day event with a Somerset & Dorset flavour with a glorious autumn sunny day following a rain lashed first day. A great gathering of steam engines actually in steam and running must have given the rosterers a problem fitting them all in.
Guest engines 60163 "Tornado" plus 34070 "Manston" together with S & D 53809 & 9F 92214 giving a Somerset & Dorset flavour. Other engines in steam -Southern 4-6-0 S 15 - 825 , BR Std class 4 - 76079, Q6- 63395, Super D - 49935, J72 - 69023, Black 5`s 45428 & 45212
The timetable ran slightly behind most of the day following an incident along the line at Eller Beck with Tornado but was a much more enjoyable day out than the spring gala.
In my opinion, was just missing the Levisham shuttles to add something extra to the timetable rather than full length trips but non the less, an excellent gala !

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Middleton Railway "MSC" Gala Photoshoot 2010


Friday 17/09/2010 - An organised photoshoot at the Middleton Railway for their "Manchester Ship Canal Gala" with guest steam Engine small tank 0-6-0 "Gothenberg" & also long tank 0-6-0 MSC 67.
An excellent shoot started in glorious sunshine, clouding over partially later in the day.
The shoot was joined later in the day with with ex York Council steam roller DN2005 with interesting shoots crossing Moor Rd & along Beza Rd.
The day finished with a talk by Donald Thorpe about the history of the MSC plus beer tent ouitside
Another guest MSC engine for the weekend was shunter MSC 4002 which alas had a flat battery on the day.
Many thanks to Martin Creese, Andy Hardy and every one at Middleton Railway for organising a great day out.

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Foxfield Summer Steam Gala - 2010


18/07/2010 - The Foxfield Railways Summer gala of Industrial Steam power!! This is another of these events that should not be missed.
This year the dull & damp weather seemed to me to keep the numbers down a little but they missed a real treat on the Foxfield Banks.
Engines in steam - 0-6-0`s - Guest Engine "Mech "Navvies Ltd,"plus "Whiston,""Wimblebury,""Meaford No2""Bellerophon""Florence No2"+ 0-4-0`s "Bagnall No2" & "Dubs Crane Tank 4101" on station pilot duties.
The Foxfield personnel certainly pulled out all the stops at this gala to put on a great show and it worked once again. One of the most friendly lines I visit. This is certainly not one to be missed for seeing industrial engines being worked hard and doing what they were designed for !!

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Amerton Railway Summer Gala 2010


20/06/2010 - Back in Sept 2007 I said I would be back at this 2 foot narrow guage railway in the Staffordshire countryside and although I`ve called in on a number of occasions mid week, nothing was running.
Today was the second day of their Summer steam gala in beautiful sunshine with 5 engines in steam. The passenger set of coaches running clockwise whilst 2 freight trains ran anticlockwise between the two line loops on the one mile of track.
Engines running - "Isabel," Kerr Stuart "Peter Pan," "Jennie," "Paddy" & O&K "Max"
A steam gala with something different and a interesting dayout.

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Middleton Railway 50th Anniversary Gala 2010


19/06/2010 - A return to one of my favorite galas from over the past few years at the Middleton Railway and its the 50th Anniversary Gala this time.
3 - 0-6-0 engines in steam - MSC 67, "Sir Berkley" & "Matthew Murrey" plus 2 diesel shunters - LMS 7051 & D2999 on the Saturday I was attending.
This time they had coalwagon / guards van rides upto Park Halt & passengers coaches down to Balm Rd with very frequent services.
Always lots of action happening at Moor Rd station meant a very enjoysble & unusual gala here at this railway which has never disapointed me yet.
Excellent time & excellent value also.
P.S. Dont put your best gear on if traveling in the coaltruck!! - It will come back covered in soot smuts & I needed a shower when I arrived home - Good fun though ! ;)

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GCR - "Golden Oldies" Weekend 2010


Sunday 30/05/2010 on the Great Central Railway and a complete change in the weather from Saturday on the ELR. Something unusual to photograph I thought!!
Engines running Replica of "Rocket" from the NRM,Replica of "Planet" from MoSI, "Furness Railways No20" from the Furness Trust, "Sir Berkeley" from the Middleton Railway, Beattie Wells Tank - 30585, plus G N R N2 1744 & G C R 04 - 63601
After a trip down the line & a look around the sheds, I decided to go lineside at "Woodthorpe Lane Bridge" as most of the lineside action was to be seen between Loughborough & Quorn.
A Vintage Gala with Vintage engines - In my opinion, best gala since SSS11 !!! Excellent day and glad I didnt miss it!!

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ELR War Weekend - 2010


On a short 2 week loan to the ELR - LMS 2-8-0 8624 from Peak Rail before travelling onto the CVR just in time for the War Weekend.
21/05/2010 - A lovely sunny friday and whilst passing on the way back from the airport, I called in at Burrs for a few snaps along the line.
29/05/2010 - The first day of the usual 3 day event with 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" and 8F 8624 called into action for this long weekend. Nearly full trains were to be seen between Bury, Ramsbotom & Rawtenstall with bands and singers performing on the stations & hundreds of people dressed in period costumns for the occasion. Only let down today was the weather, but I expect larger crowds with the better forcasts for Sunday and Monday

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NYMR "Giants of Steam " Gala


08/05/2010 - A cold. cloudy & windy middle saturday of an event spread over three weekends.
An event originally advertising up to 12 engines in steam, had been reduced by failures to 60019 "Bittern," Black 5`s 45407 & 44871, BR Std 3 76079, S&D 7F 2-8-0 53809 & another guest engine N2 GNR 1744
I arrived to find a timetable running forty minutes late after one hour & all freight trains cancelled from the published timetable. I managed to catch the N2 with the teak set returning at Darnholme only to find that the engine then was dispatched to the sheds after just one trip along the line. Later in the day, the BR Std 3 returned to Grosmont double heading Black 5 - 45407 and a diesel was put on the Pickering / Levisham shuttles for the rest of the day. I gave up on the timetable at this point as engines were turned and sent back along the line with the next service.
Some sterling efforts were to be seen from "Bittern" & specially 53809 at Moorgates.
Whilst lots of action was to be seen, it was spoiled for me by all the changes on the day to the timetable taken from the website the previous evening. I came away disappointed after a 250 mile round trip hoping to see lots more from this top billed event.

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GCR - 1960`s Gala - 2010


Sunday 28th March, and the last day of a four day "1960`s" Gala.
Following my last visit to the Autumn gala last year, this time I decided to go line side at one of the popular lineside bridges at Kinchley Lane between Quorn and Swithland Reservoir.
Guest engines running included A1 60163 "Tornado", 5690 "Leander", Std Tank 80097, Black 5 45231 "Sherwood Forester" plus home fleet of newly restored Jinty 47406 and Diesels - "Peak" Class 45 - D123, Class 27- D5401 & Mett Cam DMU unit.
Other traction running on previous days included Black 5 44767 "Georgson Stevenson", Diesels - Class 20 D8098 & Class 25 D5185
Reasonable weather and the usual extensive timetable with freight trains between passenger services meant another good Gala and a good day out.

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ELR - February Steam Spectacular - 2010


A two day event on the East Lancashire Railway with a Fridaynight Photoshoot before the action started on saturday 21st february. Guest engines for the gala were 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" & 30777 "Sir Lamiel" with 71000 "Duke of Gloucester" plus newly restored Black 5 44871, LMS Jinty 47324 & No.32 Gothenburg.
A day on saturday behind the engines after the Friday night photoshoot followed, but finding a fresh fall of snow on Sunday sent me linesiding between Heywood and Bury and also west of Irwell vale station for a morning viewing.
So was it a "BR Green weekend" this time, No - more of a Spectacular. An ELR Gala at its best !!

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K&WV Railway Winter Steam Gala - 2010


Friday 12/02/2010 and a cold day with sunny intervals for the first day of a 3 day event. Working early morning unfortunately meant only half a day on the line .
The guest engine for this event was ex-Great Northern Railway Class N2 steam locomotive No.1744. Other engines running were WD 2-8-0 90733, BR Std tank 80002, Ivatt Tant 41241 & 0-6-0 Tank No. 1704 "Nunlow"

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Ribble Steam Railway - Winter Gala - 2010


A return to the Ribble Valley Railway situated around Preston Docks for their first event of 2010. The Gala started on friday 05/02/2010 with a full day photo charter with GWR tank 5643 with a coal train followed by an evening shed photoshoot at 5.00 pm just as it started to go dark with all engines being used for the gala in light steam. Having other committments on friday I chose to go to the shed photoshoot only and attend the gala on the saturday 06/02/2010
Engines being used for the gala included GWR 0-6-2 Tank -5643, " Austerity 0-6-0 Tanks "Cumbria" & "Walkden" and 0-4-0 saddle tank "John Howe."
All services were "Top & Tailed" to allow for 45 minute interval between services.
Very Well organised and enjoyable photoshoot and a good day out also on saturday. Nice to see some familar faces also

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ELR Winter Steam Gala - 2010


Like their January steam event in 2009, it had a very atmospheric start on the freight photo shoot at Burrs country park - Misty & gloomy !! None the less, the light slightly improved as (Dub Dee) WD 8F - 90733, guest engine from the K&WVR put in a some very spirited performances along the straight with the freight
Other engines running included Ian Rileys newly restored Black 5 - 44871, K4 61994 "The Great Marquess" 0-6-0 Jinty 47324 & 0-6-0 No32 "Gothenberg"
Excellent day out ! and nice to see steam in quantity & quality again running on the line.

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2009


21/01/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" and train approaching and at Hellifield station on a loaded test run
31/01/09 - Black 5 45407 passes by on the climb at Copy Pit, Rishton & Darwen
07/02/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" at Hellifield and leaving Horton-in-Ribbleshead heading north with the "Cumbria Fellsman"
27/03/09 - 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" takes the Blackburn turnoff at Fowler Lane,on the WCML heading
for Hellifield
28/03/09 - 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" at Hellifield and making easy work pulling 12 coaches at Selside with the CME
02/04/09 - LNER K1 62005 "Lord of the Isles" approaches Hellifield on L.E. move from Carnforth to Barrow Hill
08/04/09 - 34067 "Tangmere" approaches Flag Lane at Farington on the "Great Britain II"
09/05/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" races north past Brock at speed with the "Scot Over Shap" rail tour.
17/05/09 - 5690 "Leander" working nicely whilst approaching Selside on the "Settle - Carlisle Express"
30/05/09 - 5690 "Leander" on the "Cumbrian Coast Express" crosses the River Kent on the Arnside Viaduct.
30/05/09 - 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" heads through the Lune Gorge with "The Royal Scot"
20/06/09 - 5043 "Earl of Mount Edgecombe" approaching Farington Junction on "The Castle Over Shap"
23/06/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" approaches Long Preston and at Hellifield with a test working from Carnforth to Scarborough
14/07/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman"at Copy pit andcrossing Rishton reservoir on a private charter over the Cotton mills Express route
05/08/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on the "Fellsman" comes off the mainline at Farington junction heading for Blackburn and returning at Billington
05/08/09 - Black 5 45231 "Sherwood Forester" passes by at Farington and onto Crewe with "The Welsh Mountaineer"
12/08/09 - 5690 "Leander" on Whalley arches. Gisburn Tunnel and approaching Langho station on the returning "Fellsman"
19/08/09 - 5690 "Leander" at Wilpshire and crossing Whalley Viaduct with the returning "Fellsman"
22/08/09 - 6201"Princess Elizabeth" returns from Carlisle at Billington having just pulled off Whalley Viaduct with a "Cumbrian Mountain Express" running
23/08/09 -Working hard, Black 5 45231 "Sherwood Forester" between Selside & Ribblehead on a York - Carlisle Cumbrian Mountain Express.
29/08/09 - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" climbing the Whalley Banks leaving Billington with a returning "Cumbrian Mountain Express"
02/09/09 - 5690 "Leander" coasts down Whalley Banks with the Fellsman running No.6 to Carlisle.
09/09/09 - Jubilee 5690 "Leander" yet again on the "Fellsman"with the seventh running. Seen here with
whistle blowing and working out of Whalley at the footcrossing at Barrow.
23/09/09 - Black 5 45231 "The Sherwood Forester" on the season finale of "The Fellman" from Carnforth to Carlisle via the S & C seen here at Billington foot crossing.
03/10/09 - 60163 "Tornado" approaching Selside with its first outing over the S & C with the "Waverley"
04/10/09 - 60163 Tornado" crosses Ribblehead Viaduct with the "Waverley" over the Settle / Carlisle route.
06/09/09 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" with "Girl Guide" name plate takes the Girl Guides to York celebrating 100 years of guiding with "The Yorkshire Scot" seen here crossing Lobb Mill viaduct leaving Todmorden.
18/10/09 -In the evening gloom,LMS Black 5`s 45407 doubleheads 45231 over Copy Pit with "The Tin Bath Extra"
8/11/09 - 5690 "Leander" heads towards Long Preston and leaving Hellifield with the "St Nicholas Steam Express" to York.
13/12/09 - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" rushes through Eastwood heading towards Hebden Bridge with the "York
Yuletide Express" from Liverpool

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GCR - Autumn "Steam Railway" Gala - 2009


10/10/2009 - A quick call-in at the Gala en-route to Leicester with family & friends meant a curtailed visit and no chance for me to go linesiding with my camera.
Guest engines for the event were 70013 "Oliver Cromwell, 9F -92203 "Black Prince WD 8F 90733 from the K&WVR plus Fairburn Tank 42085 still on loan from the L&HR, and home fleet of BR Std 2-78019, 30777 "Sir Lamiel,"Robinson 04 63601 & Stainer 8F 48305 - which managed to elude me on several occasions - passing me every time whilst traveling.
A extended timetable with freight trains with different stock between very passenger service meant lots of train movements using the double tracks. Full passenger services seemed to be the norm as well and all stations were very busy in the nice weather.
Only complaints were that I couldnt have stopped longer because I had to return for work on sunday.
Excellent Gala

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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway - Harvest of Steam Gala - 2009


27/09/2009 -Another poor Harvest for the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway with only two steam engines running due to breakdowns but a class 31 - D5600 diesel was used as a substitute. Back in 2007 the event was cancelled and replaces with a frequent timetable when this happened, but the importing of BR STD 2 - 78019 working the rounds from the GCR meant that the event went ahead. The other engine was 0-6-0 saddle Tank "Darfield No1."
Nice to see a decent freight train on the line and also the "Stately Train Set" being used.
Perhaps dropping the Gala fares might have enticed more people to attend, but some nice photo opportunities were to be had on a mild cloudy autumn day

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