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42 viewsIn the late afternoon with failing light, 3717 "City of Truro" rounds the bend at Kinchley Lane on the late running 15.50 from Loughborough00000
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31 views30777 "Sir Lamiel returns tender first light engined at dropping off the freight at Rothley00000
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33 viewsBlack 5 - 45305 rounds the curve at Kinchley lane in the low afternoon sunshine on thw windcutter mineral train.00000
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31 views28XX class 2-8-0 3850 drags the mixed freight towards Kinchley Lane over the embankment in the low afternoon sunshine.00000
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34 viewsThe double header returns tender first over the embankment at Kinchley Lane in the late afternoon sunshine. This time 3717 "City of Truro" pilots 61994 "The Great Marquess on the service from Leicester00000
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30 viewsGWR 14XX - 1450 returns with the Autocoach towards Loughborough at Kinchley Lane.00000
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31 views4953 "Pitchford Hall" rounds the curve at Kinchley Lane with the 15.00 from Loughborough00000
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29 viewsGWR 14XX - 1450 propells the autocoach over the embankment towards Rothley at Kinchley lane00000
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31 views2-8-0 GWR goods - 3850 returns at Kinchley lane towards Loughborough on the 14.15 from Leicester00000
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30 views30777 "Sir Lamiel" putting on a good display with the windcutter mineral train set00000
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36 views61994 "The Great Marquess" round the curve at Kinchley Lane on the 14.10 from Loughborough00000
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30 viewsGWR Small Prairie 5526 bunker first on a mixed goods at Kincheley Lane00000
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36 viewsGWR 4-4-0 "City of Truro" at Woodthorpe bridge on the dining train55555
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34 viewsGWR 4-4-0 "City of Truro" plods the line with "The Elizabethan" dining train at Woodthorpe55555
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31 viewsBlack 5 - 45305 at Woodthorpe bridge00000
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30 viewsBlack 5 - 45305 rushes the line with the 13.05 from Loughborough00000
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